Around here, they better be Red


Half of a hefty trash bag of unmatched socks and peds...there may be
matches in there...who knows!

Man, I hate it when I go to work with my pedestrians unmatched.

So, let me get this straight... you're giving away a bunch of unmatched socks... that might match. Yeah, I can see somebody wanting that. Specifically, an alien somebody whose planetary surface was characterized by small but frequent patches of quicksand, causing all species on the planet to evolve over 37 legs, and is populated by deadly wooly aardvarks, resulting in a severe shortage of textile materials. Oh yeah, and they have to be all indie or goth or something, since the socks don't all match.


At 9:09 PM, Blogger neophyte said...

Bis, when you teach preschool and want to make puppets, you want socks. Unmatched socks. There must be other reasons for them.


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