Not that I'm one to make fun of names...

WANTED: Wirelss "G" laptop card

Anyone have a wireless "G" PCMCIA card for a laptop? I
fitted my daughter's very old laptop with a "B" card
and the connection is too slow for some of her



It's not the card. B cards are slower than G cards, but they are both faster than any affordable internet connection. Perhaps the problem lies in the very old laptop?

Anyway, the main reason this one got posted here was not for the post itself, but the sender. The first time I noticed his specific post was when he offered 2 bars of soap. Yes, two bars. Hardly worth it, even if you live next door, because then you actually have to go and talk to him. Why is that bad? Here's his signature:

Intuitive • Technician of the Sacred
Healing for People, Buildings and Businesses


A visit to his website confirms the suspiscion: he's more wack than a bunch of Wild Angry Custard Klingons. Some quotes:

For real estate investors and home buyers, remote pre-purchase intuitive building inspections can reveal hidden structural damage, water and utility problems as well as, tenant and neighborhood issues or even ghosts! Your on-site home inspector then has a list of items to check for, many of which would otherwise have been "hidden" problems.

For sellers, realtors and home owners our House Healing and Clearing services can remove the intangible "stuff" that keeps a house from selling or make a your home a more nurturing and healthy enviroment for you and your family.


In addition, David has honed intuitive skills that let him see and repair the energetic structure of buildings.


You may to participate in real time through a telephone conference call with Mr. Farkas during the process. This is advantageous, allowing you to take your own notes. Information is available to Mr. Farkas while he is "in the energy" but he will not typically remember details after the session. His notes, in the form of various symbols and sketches, help him pinpoint problems but do not show any details.


David provides an on-call service for travelers, especially business people and trainers who are constantly using hotel public spaces. Several of his clients now call him whenever they are staying in a hotel, to clear and protect their rooms so they can get a relaxed and restful night's sleep and remain focused on the task at hand.


David works with a group of Archangelic beings, to clear, bless and protect places and spaces.

And if you needed any further proof, here's his picture:


At 3:16 AM, Blogger Kafaleni said...


I was thinking as I read through "Can you say wacko?"

Apparently, you can.

At 9:57 AM, Blogger Leetie said...

Wow! Breasts make Michael Jackson look good!

At 12:01 AM, Blogger Blogchik said...

I don't think breasts even help.


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