This offer is full of $#!7

OFFERED: Aged Horse Manure

I have plenty!

I bet he still does.

It's cheaper than a divorce...

OFFERED: beach chair, car seat covers, husband, misc.

At the end of the message, we find this:

BONUS: there is also a box of misc. do-dads that will be available
for browsing upon the pickup of any items!

Come for the husbands, stay for the do-dads

My question: Is a do-dad anything like a handyman? Is he named Steve? Does anyone know what the hell I meant by that last question?

This will match the flamingos perfectly!

OFFERED: Pink Toilet

Pink Toidy from the 50's, 3 gal. tank of course. Could be good for
planter or conversation starter/livingroom decoration.

Oh yes, I remember the conversations I've had that started with a discussion of Pink Toilets. They usually ended with threats of restraining orders. And suffice it to say I'm not allowed in that Home Depot anymore...

Good Samaritan alert

Nothing is too mundane, too gross, too small or too excremental that someone somewhere 
would not like to have it:

If you're willing to save your used cage bedding and small animal
manure, I'll come pick it up, whenever you clean out your cages.
Heck! I'll even help you! I'll take the entire contents of the cage
debris--cedar chips, newspapaer, shredded paper, droppings, etc. The
more, the merrier! Good animals are rabbit, hamster, guinea pig,
gerbil, chinchilla, etc. They are all great for my compost pile. No
cat or dog feces. Please let me know, and I'll come get it, whenever
you have it.
Yes, you read that correctly. They want your extraneous poop.

(Thanks to Leetie)


Well, it was nice while it lasted...

...but I plan to update more frequently from now on, subjecting you, the reader to all sorts of terrible jokes, bad writing, and other venerial diseases.

Also, you're going to have to prove you're not a robot, as I've started getting comment treet, and it is NOT tasty.