Good Samaritan alert

Nothing is too mundane, too gross, too small or too excremental that someone somewhere 
would not like to have it:

If you're willing to save your used cage bedding and small animal
manure, I'll come pick it up, whenever you clean out your cages.
Heck! I'll even help you! I'll take the entire contents of the cage
debris--cedar chips, newspapaer, shredded paper, droppings, etc. The
more, the merrier! Good animals are rabbit, hamster, guinea pig,
gerbil, chinchilla, etc. They are all great for my compost pile. No
cat or dog feces. Please let me know, and I'll come get it, whenever
you have it.
Yes, you read that correctly. They want your extraneous poop.

(Thanks to Leetie)


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