That ain't a jingle bell. That's a gland full o' knowledge!

WANTED: full-size human brain model

If I wasn't a little loaded right now I'd say you're, uh, looking for, uh, come closer here. Looking for a brain, is that right? Heeey, it's Carl here, your buddy. You don't have to lie to me, cuz if it's a brain you want, I'll get you a brain. Oh yeah, yeah, no trouble. Let me just get another beer and give Terry a call. He does tons of stuff. He's kind of a jack of all, uh, black market organs. Does it need to be smart? Cuz those are kind of hard to come by. You gotta be smarter than them to get it. Two halves from different brains? No, it's no trouble, really. I went to high school with this guy. This thing he's doing here is sorta, you know, frowned upon by the community.

(click here if you don't understand. Not that clicking will help at all, but you'll feel better for having done it.)

Actually, the guy who sent this message runs another one of these handwavey consulting businesses, ala David Farkas although not nearly as crackpot sounding. Check him out, he's a Personal Productivity Workflow Consultant


At 8:26 PM, Blogger Kafaleni said...

hehehehe.. has he watched "Bad Taste"? Cos there's a coupla tips on brain-collecting in that movie.


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