The problem with iMacs

This post clued me in to a serious problem affecting iMac owners. Sure, she's reliable. Sure, she looks sharp. Sure, she runs faster than most anything that's street-legal. But what happens when you have an accident?

Wanted: preferably orange keyboard and mouse for IMAC
doesn't need to be orange, just needs to be in working order. Thanks

OOOOPS. Now you have to hope to God that the junkyard has a matching color. Otherwise, you'll end up with the computer equivalent of this:


Wanted: Old Basketball Cards
I'm looking for old basketball trading cards from the 60's, 70's or 80's in any condition. Love the old timers.

I have a feeling that the people who decided to hang onto old basketball cards are probably not going to part with them willingly. At least not at any reasonable price; collectors are odd like that. It's the reason antiques and anything branded with a Coke label are so expensive.

Fashion, Smashin'!

OFFER 80's fashion mags
Late 80's - early 90's Seventeen & Mademoiselle. Probably have 10 or

Ah yes, the late 80's, the height of fashion. Boy I wish we could go back to those times.


Tell me again why it takes special equipment to run.

For kid going out for track---needs practice!!!!

One thing I remember about track... it was for the most part outdoors. And not on a moving band of plastic. But if it's a problem of motivation, I could come over and make some scary faces. That'll get 'em running. Or maybe just rolling their eyes. Or I could just show this picture again:

He'd probably get a better laugh

...if he told them his name and what he does for a living. Yes, it's our favorite favorite Technician of the Sacred

WANTED: GORILLA Mask or head from GORILLA suit

Anyone have a gorilla mask or the head from a gorilla
suit that I can borrow for a week? I'm going to a
training called 'Guerilla Business School' and... well
you get the idea.


Bahahahahahahahahahah! I get it! We're so clever!

Well, you can't argue with his reasons

WANTED; I am in need of an more up to date Word pad cd
Hello; I am in need of a word pad cd with spell check, gramer, and other important factors on it, t.y.

Does WordPad even come on CDs? And honestly, this and most online post creators and email clents make better word processors than Word Pad.