Nerdy offer of the month so far

OFFER: rear view mirror for eyeglasses

* Fits inside eyeglasses (you must have good distance vision
without glasses for this mirror to work)
* Fully adjustable
* Viewing area similar to a car mirror
* Condition: never used, in original package (which was opened for
the first time to take the photos below)
* I don't have good distance vision without glasses, and didn't
realize this was needed when I purchased this item (silly me!)
* My apologies for some blurry photos ... the mirror is very small
(3/8" diameter including plastic frame) and apparently my camera
doesn't focus well so close. Hopefully they're clear enough so you get
an idea of what the mirror looks like.
* This item is from a fragrance-free household

photos of the item are here:

Probably the best use for this one is to be able to look behind you at the people snickering because you have a rear-view mirror on your glasses!



cleaning out studio for big move. i have random odds and ends of clay.

1/2 5 gal bucket of mass white casting slip form sheffield pottery
2 bags of red clay (not sure exactally what kind)
1/3 bag porcelain
1/2 bucket of random clay waiting to be recycled (has already dried out and
then re soaked. now sitting in water)

prefer if someone took all, but i'm flexible

This one has been in the Freediculous backlogs for a while, and I was trying to remember why I ever flagged it in the first place. Then I finally noticed the name of the sender: S. Potter

Anyone looking for a sidekick?

Offering a companion goat

To me this sounds like one of those chirpy, annoying, but lovable sidekicks found in just about every computer-animated movie made in the last 8 years:

Odd, but specific

Wanted to Borrow: Unicorn Costume, Size 8

Drat, all I have is a size 7.5!

offered: colored plastic bags

I know this is extreme. Does anyone have any use for the colored bags
that newspaper circulars come in? I know of somebody who crochets
handbags from them, but she moved away.

As far as I know, no one took this offer up. Come on, people! Where is your creativity? You know, the kind that comes up with ideas like this. So I thought I'd come up with a few possible uses for small colored plastic bags.

- Uh... you can use one bag to hold all the other bags.
- Toilet paper. If you're really desperate.
- Smothering cute furry animals. Hey, I didn't promise these would be good uses.
- If you get stranded on a desert island where the only thing to eat is snow peas, there are giant spiders which drop down from the sky and lay eggs in some of the peas, and the wind whooshing by rings faintly of Busta Rhymes with a hint of lemon, you can use a small colored plastic bag to hold all of your other small colored plastic bags.

OR, you could convert the polymeric plastic back to the smaller carbon-based molecules from whence it came and use them to fuel your car so that you can pick up MORE small colored plastic bags...